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Colbert v. Bieber

Colbert v. Bieber

The latest word here in the Land of Men is that Stephen Colbert and his fans are trying to position themselves as the greatest LOTR supporters, even greater than Bieber nation. Colbert's push includes such colossal names as James Franco, John McCain, and Narsil (Elendil's re-forged sword that Viggo Mortensen gave to Colbert).

The Beliebers cannot be taking this lightly. In fact, rumor has it that they are outraged that Colbert would pull such a stunt to portray himself as more of a LOTR die-hard than them.

With tension running high and tempers even higher, one can't help but wonder what will happen next in this feud of fan-ship.

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How are the hobbits dealing with their new culture and social surroundings?

How are the hobbits dealing with their new culture and social surroundings?

Culture posts are designed to demonstrate the difficulties we face in such a foreign environment. Change is never easy. Especially when a bearded, blue wizard lies to you and lures you far from home, forcing that change upon you. Now that we have found ourselves in this predicament, however, it is not like us to just kill over and give up. And while we desire more than anything to get back home, there is much good to be found in this oversized settlement. I think Buddy the elf put it best when he said, "Have you seen the toilets here? They're ginormous!"

So while it's not all bad, we thought we should point out some of the social and cultural differences we have noticed while living in Provo in the land of men. We are far out of our element, but amongst the struggles we find golden nuggets of success that keep us happy and motivated on our journey. These are our stories.

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